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Gluten Free in Indianapolis: Napolese Pizza

Monday was rainy and cold.

After breakfast at Cafe Patachou I headed to my sessions at the conference I was attending. I was in sessions all day. It’s so tiring.


After my sessions, around 5, I actually convinced myself to head to the hotel gym to fit in a workout. I did intervals on the treadmill, and I had a nice view of the capitol building.



I was planning to have a nice low-key evening in my hotel room because the Bachelor finale was on! I knew I was craving pizza, so working out was a good move.

I love pizza.

It is probably my favorite food next to chips and queso. Went I went gluten free, I was constantly on the hunt for a good GF pizza. I was surprised to find a great place close to my hotel in Indianapolis!

I walked to Napolese Pizza after I had showered from my work out. I really got my steps in this past week! My FitBit is getting a lot of use.


Wood-burning pizza places always smell the best by far. This pizza had a good-tasting thin crust with homemade red sauce, and topped with big pieces of pepperoni and fresh mozzarella.


Check out their menu and locations. It was definitely worth trying out!



After eating, I settled in for three hours of the Bachelor with some fun reading material! The relaxing evening was much needed!

Happy Pre-Friday! We are almost there!



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