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Hi! I’m Ashley, a 28 year old, working & living in Dallas with my dog and husband. I’ve started this blog as a way to give myself a creative outlet to discuss everything I am passionate about and to share my journey.

What am I passionate about?

Lots of things! For one, food is always on my mind, and as someone with Celiac Disease, gluten free eating is a huge part of my lifestyle.

I am also striving to become a healthier and stronger person each day! Exercise and running are important to me. During my college years, I was more concerned with how I could lose those 5-10 pounds as quickly as possible. After two life changing events, I realized this route was not only unhealthy, but would not get me where I wanted to be in the long run.

Let me tell you about those two events:

In early 2010 I started having strange physical and mental symptoms. I got migraines, my thoughts often felt foggy, I was getting sick to my stomach around the same time every day, and was loosing weight at an unhealthily rate. After a blood test and biopsy, a GI specialist diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. I had never heard of it! Needless to say, becoming gluten free changed my whole outlook on eating and health. More to come on my journey with Celiac Disease later.

In 2012 I was driving from my job when a woman ran a stop sign and drove into oncoming traffic. Our cars collided. The accident left me with a totaled car, and a totaled right arm. The impact of the crash broke all three major bones in my arm, and left me with 3 permanent metal plates and 20 screws. It has also given me a greater appreciation for life and everything I have. After months of physical therapy and pain, I’ve realized that in fitness, it is much more important to be strong than skinny.

The other important aspects of my life are my husband, my family and friends, and my dog Peanut! I am obsessed with my dog, so fair warning that he will appear in MANY posts.

Why name my blog Ashley-Anchored?

The anchor is the symbol for hope, and to me personally, it is the things that keep me grounded when everything else changes. I truly believe that we can start each day with a renewed outlook, and that if we didn’t like something about ourselves yesterday, we can work on changing it today . So as I change, try new things (like blogging!), and try to better myself, I will relay on my anchors to hold me steady.

As a final note: This blog is not intended to help anyone but myself. I will share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences as a way to document my life as I learn and grow. I hope that in sharing these thoughts, others who feel the same will feel comfort in knowing that they are not alone. **With that, I should probably say that I am not a doctor, lawyer, dietitian, personal trainer, registered therapist, unregistered therapist, dog whisperer- you get the point.

So if change is the theme, I end with this:

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are build for.” – U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper



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