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Gluten Free in Waco: Milo All Day

Happy Tuesday everyone! Things have finally started to quiet down around here, and I'm hoping that means more blog posts, and more exploring around town. A few weeks ago I was lucky to be able to go to a sneak peak tasting of Milo All Day This gem has just popped up near downtown Waco in… Continue reading Gluten Free in Waco: Milo All Day


Gluten Free Healthy-ish Everything Bagels!!!

Happy Friday! A few months ago, a fitness friend directed me to a paleo everything bagel recipe from Simple Healthy Kitchen. You can find it here. It's been a REAL struggle to find a gluten free bagel that tastes good and doesn't have 500 calories! While the search is still on for that signature bagel… Continue reading Gluten Free Healthy-ish Everything Bagels!!!

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Sunday Meal Prep: February GF Favorites

Can you believe February is halfway over? It was in the 60s-70s here this week and it already has me thinking of spring! A couple years ago, I started meal-prepping a few things every Sunday, and it really has helped us eat healthier, and waste less. Some weeks, I was spending a good 5 hours… Continue reading Sunday Meal Prep: February GF Favorites

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Hello Blog? It’s Me, Ashley.

Three months ago. That was the last time I blogged. Before that, 2017 blogging was sporadic at best. It was a rough year of change for me. I quit my job, started a new one, moved to a new city, lost my grandmother, and struggled to find routine. But it was also a year filled… Continue reading Hello Blog? It’s Me, Ashley.

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All About Fall: Pumpkin Oat Muffins & a Fall Fitness Challenge

Happy Wednesday! A real life cold front came through two nights ago! That means fall temps where I can finally wear a sweater to work without having to change by the end of the day. Over the weekend I spent some time decorating the house for fall and Halloween, baking pumpkin goodies, and prepping for… Continue reading All About Fall: Pumpkin Oat Muffins & a Fall Fitness Challenge

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Exploring Waco: Gluten Free Eats & Magnolia Market

Hi Friends, and happy October! I started this blog post about three weeks ago, but then my attentions were refocused on the hurricane in Texas, then for my family in Florida with their hurricane, then the passing of my Grandmother, who I was very close to, and now to the tragedy in Vegas. It's been… Continue reading Exploring Waco: Gluten Free Eats & Magnolia Market

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Life Changes: Struggles and Excitement

Happy Monday! It has been almost 2 months since my last post, and it feels strange! I had fallen into a pattern of blogging at least once a week, and so this small hiatus has been just one of the many changes that has occurred over the last few months. This has definitely been the… Continue reading Life Changes: Struggles and Excitement

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Gluten Free Travels: Vegas 2017!

Happy almost Independence Day! My life has been a whirlwind of crazy over the last two months. In a few weeks I'll be living in a new city, with a new house, and a new job. So much change! More on that later. First, I wanted to share all about my recent trip to Vegas… Continue reading Gluten Free Travels: Vegas 2017!

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Gluten Free Eats: Denver Round 2!

Yay Friday!!!! This felt like such a long week. I just finished my workout, now I'm sipping on my coffee ready to recap all about my trip to Denver at the end of April. Earlier this year I was searching flights randomly one day and saw that flights to Denver were super cheap. Nick and I… Continue reading Gluten Free Eats: Denver Round 2!

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Bikini Challenge!

Hi Everyone! Yes, this blog still exists. I think this may be the longest I have gone without posting. Life has been pretty crazy/stressful, but hoping that I'll have some clarity in the next few weeks that can help me get back to a normal routine. I wanted to share all about my adventures so… Continue reading Bikini Challenge!