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Packing for Vegas & Gluten Free Travel Snacks

Gluten Free In Vegas

Vegas here we come!

I’ll be spending Independence Day with my husband, Nick, and some friends in sin city. I’ve spent the last couple days sorting through clothes and making a detailed packing list.

I don’t know about you all, but I love lists. There’s a simple satisfaction in being able to cross something off. I’m also always afraid I will forget something super important, so writing everything down definitely helps!

Vegas in July is HOT! I’m talking 110 degrees hot. So I’ll be pretty much living in sun dresses when I’m not in a bathing suit. This is great, because Nick and I will be sharing a suitcase to save on checked-bag and carry-on bag fees!  (*Why are we flying Spirit again?!?) This means I can pack only what I really know I will need and wear for the 4 days we are there.
image                                                                     It was a squeeze but we made it work!

I also always make sure I have some gluten-free protein bars on me. I never want to be stuck somewhere and not have any gluten-free options! Airports are getting better, but for the most part its bagels and fast food. Not only are those options often not safe for Celiac’s, but they can be so unhealthy. I’d rather save my calories for something super tasty later! I’ve packed a couple ThinkThin Bars and a GF Oat Bar.

imageWhile I’m there, I will be hunting down some of the best gluten-free eating options on the strip. Stay tuned for restaurant reviews and updates!

top photo credit: Prayitno, adapted, cc.


5 thoughts on “Packing for Vegas & Gluten Free Travel Snacks”

      1. I need to check them out… I know a bunch of people like them. Have you tried their other products? Like the protein chips? I’m curious what those would taste like.


      2. Nope. I only tried their protein bars. They are really good. My favorite flavors are the cookies and cream & the cookie dough! 😛


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