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Gluten-Free in Vegas: Social Life Pizza

Saturday afternoon we were on the hunt for a cheaper dining option to grab a quick lunch. I’m a big fan of the Find Me Gluten Free App to hunt down some safe options. Unfortunately, what looked like a good option on paper was not as safe as I’d hoped it would be.

We stopped in at Social Life Pizza, which is connected to New York New York. They had a good selection of fresh options and gluten-free crust that tasted great. Sadly, they used the same spoons for sauce for all pizza and cooked the pizza in the same oven as the gluten-filled crusts. I was so hungry, and with a group of people, or I probably would have left. I also caught the worker trying to cut my GF pizza with a pizza cutter she used on regular crusts. Stopped her just in time.


The pizza itself was delicious. The sauce had fresh basil and olive oil. I topped mine with pepperoni, red onion, and fresh mozzarella. The crust was super thin, but tasted great, and was easy to fold like New York style crust.

I wish the environment had been safer, and although I thankfully didn’t get sick, I cannot recommend this as a viable option in Vegas for those with Celiac.

What do you all do when you realize they place you have chosen to eat it is not as safe as you thought?


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