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Gluten-Free: in Florida

gluten free in florida

I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas.

Tomorrow I head out for a week on the beach with family, in one of my favorite places, Sarasota, Florida.

My mom grew up there, and my family has owned a time share there since before I was born. I’ve gone pretty much every year of my life, give or take a few years I couldn’t make it, so it definitely feels like my second home.


I look forward to the sunsets, lazy days on the beach, and no plans! It’s one of the only vacations I come back from truly rested. It’s also the last trip I take before the semester starts again, and work gets crazy! It really marks the end of my summer.


I love the picture above. I took it at the point of the key we stay on. It’s so peaceful and hardly ever crowded. I plan to take a ton of photos! Not only was taking more photos one of my summer goals, but it’s such a gorgeous place. It will be easy.

I will post all about the yummy gluten free eats I’ve been looking forward to each year, and some new ones I discover!

I’ve packed some homemade popcorn and Quest bars for travel snacks, but I’d love any more suggestions on your favorite gluten free snacks as well!

Wishing you a restful weekend!


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