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Running, Weights, and Pesto Salmon

Good morning everyone!

Trail walks

It has been a good start to the day! I got up when I actually set my alarm to (it has been a struggle with the darker mornings) and took Peanut on a walk. We have such awesome greenbelts in our neighborhood and a creek that runs through it.


Peanut was ready to get out there today, which definitely helps me. After our walk I had a good run. I have been slacking on consistency so it felt nice to start the day off right. I have my 10 year high school reunion in 3 weeks so I definitely needed to step up my game!imageYesterday evening, I came home from work and did some strength training. I used a combination of dumbbells and body weight exercises. I find it is much easier to use weights in the evening than first thing in the morning. After I finished and showered, I started on dinner. We had salmon in the freezer and some yummy pesto, so I decided to combine the two. These salmon fillets are awesome! Whole Foods sells them for like $3 each. I just pop a couple in the fridge before heading to work in the morning.


I always use parchment paper when I’m baking fish. It keeps the skin from sticking to the pan. I literally just topped each piece of salmon with a tablespoon of pesto and baked them in the oven at 400 degrees for 12 minutes.


I chopped up some broccoli and garlic to roast on the side, and I made a batch of quinoa. Quinoa holds up really well as a leftover, so I always try to make a little extra.


The salmon came out perfectly flaky and the pesto on top was an amazing combination.

Healthy and easy! That’s the best way to go.

Hoping everyone is having a good start to the week. Hang in there!


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3 thoughts on “Running, Weights, and Pesto Salmon”

  1. Salmon is always my go to healthy meal, and I could probably eat it three nights a week with no problem. But i’ve never tried putting pesto on it, and I love me some pesto haha. Definitely going to try this!! Great Post 🙂


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