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Weekend Recap: Pumpkin Carving and Rainy Walks


It’s hard to believe it is already Wednesday.

It has been a crazy week so far, and I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and to Halloween! Do you all have plans? We are still finalizing ours, but if needed, I’ll have to whip up a costume last minute =).


This past weekend in Dallas was really rainy. We had over 5 inches in our area within 24 hours, but some areas south of us got 10! Peanut was really not happy about being cooped up inside, so I chugged my coffee, and we headed out when it was finally just a drizzle.


Peanut was happy to stretch is legs, and it actually felt really great outside. There was a cool edge in the air.


The creeks that run throughout our neighborhood were full and the waterfalls were really pretty. After heading home with Peanut, I ventured out for a short run.


I have really been slacking on my workouts. I think these dark mornings are really throwing off my schedule! Daylight savings time ends this Sunday so I will finally have light mornings again. Remember to turn your clocks back!


Sunday evening, Nick and I carved a pumpkin. I’ll have to snap a photo of it all lit up tonight. We chose to go with the Batman symbol. Solid choice I think…


Of course, while we were carving, I had to put on Hocus Pocus! It just doesn’t feel like Halloween unless I watch it at least twice.


I needed a mid week pick-me-up this morning so I stopped at Starbucks on my way to work. Just have to make it to Friday!

New goals for the rest of the week:

  1. Try not to eat ALL the Trick or Treat candy for the children.
  2. Go for at least another run.
  3. Try and relax!

Happy Hump Day!


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