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Exploring Waco: Gluten Free Eats & Magnolia Market


Hi Friends, and happy October!

I started this blog post about three weeks ago, but then my attentions were refocused on the hurricane in Texas, then for my family in Florida with their hurricane, then the passing of my Grandmother, who I was very close to, and now to the tragedy in Vegas. It’s been a rough couple of months.

I’ve tried to be intentional about giving myself room to process and rest. It has already been two months here in Waco, and we have had some great local adventures already. I wanted to share two of our yummy food discoveries today.


If you still haven’t heard about Fixer Upper or Chip and Joanna Gaines, I have no idea what rock you have been living under!! They have brought such energy and renewed growth to this little town in central Texas. About a month ago, I finally had the opportunity to explore the Silos, and while it was REALLY hot outside, it was such a fun day out.


Magnolia Market is a combination of a seed shop, garden area with food trucks, home and gift shop, and bakery.

IMG_0737The line for the bakery is always long. It’s just a cupcake people! Since it was lunchtime, we headed over to explore all of the food truck options.


There was pizza, coffee, ice cream, BBQ, biscuits, and by far my favorite, Cheddar Box. The best thing about Cheddar Box? They have gluten free bread, and a dedicated area in the food truck to prepare GF grilled cheese!


I settled on Guac This Way. It had guacamole, pico, pulled pork, and pepper jack cheese.


We parked up at a picnic table and even though it was 100 degrees outside, the grilled cheese was totally worth it! The pulled pork was from a local BBQ company, and all of the veggies were locally sourced. Pretty cool for a little food truck!


As you have probably noticed, I am constantly on the hunt for really good gluten free pizza. I knew the odds were not in my favor in Waco, but I decided to give Poppa Rollos a try. They were voted “best pizza in Waco” for several years in a row and also seems to be the only place that had a gluten free option in town.

While the dining in option looked a little dull, the pizza was actually pretty tasty! Nothing like what I’ve had in Dallas or Denver, but definitely hits the spot when a pizza craving comes along!

With fall weather finally approaching, I know we will be exploring a lot more around town! There is so much to look forward to in the months ahead. October brings with it the first of many holidays, yummy pumpkin recipes, cozy sweaters, and time with loved ones. Hoping your weeks ahead are full of joy and fall fun ❤



6 thoughts on “Exploring Waco: Gluten Free Eats & Magnolia Market”

  1. Another pizza option is Old Chicago Pizza and TapRoom. I was pleasantly surprised with their gluten free pizza – it was actually crispy! Other than Poppa Rollo’s, the gluten free pizza in Waco tends to be on the floppy side. I tend to the sensitive Celiac side and I didn’t get sick, so hopefully it wasn’t a fluke!


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