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Gluten Free in Florida: Running, Reading, and Vertoris Pizza!


Sunday was still rainy and in the lower 80s/upper 70s outside. Coming from 100+ degrees in Texas, I actually wore my sweatshirt I brought in the morning!

Since it wasn’t quite ideal for lounging on the beach yet, I decided to head out for a run.


I ran along the road next to a park and near all of the gorgeous condos for sale. There were groundskeepers out tending to the beautiful flowers.


These little purple ones were my favorite.


It felt good to get out and stretch my legs.. and I was pretty proud I worked out on the first day of my vacation.


After I got back, I curled up and started reading my beach read, The Martian, by Andy Weir. Both Nick and I read it back and forth on the trip, and we are so excited for the movie to come out in October. It was a good science read, even though most of the math in the book went way over my head!

After a lazy afternoon, we got dressed for dinner and headed to my favorite gluten free pizza place in Sarasota, Vertoris Pizza!

Ok, now don’t judge the outside…


It’s definitely a little hole in the wall next to a bingo place, but the gluten free menu is huge! They have delicious gluten free pizza, pasta, sandwiches, chicken fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks, etc. The best part is they work diligently to ensure everything is safe. For any non-gluten free guests coming with you, the regular pizza is really great too!


I had to start with the gluten free mozzarella sticks. The amount of cheese you get with these is unreal, and the gluten free breading is nice and crispy. Nick really liked them too.


For pizza, I went with their original gluten free crust (they also have one made out of cheese!?!). I got pepperoni and red onions, but all of their toppings for the regular pizza can be put on their gluten free pizzas.

Seriously, if you are in the Sarasota area, you need to try this place. Their menu also has vegan, dairy free, and egg free options too.

After eating my body weight in cheese (so much for that run earlier), we headed back to relax at the condo.


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