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Gluten Free in Florida: More Cuban Food, Le Macaron, & One Last Beach Morning

imageWednesday evening, we headed back to The Columbia for a family dinner. My older sister, her two boys, and my Uncle, met us. They all live in different parts of Florida.


I started dinner with a margarita. You could taste the fresh lime juice!


For dinner, I got the Palomilla. It’s a thin steak, topped with onions and lime. It comes with yellow rice, and a side of plantains.

imageNick had the Fideua de Mariscos. It had prawns, shrimp, scallops, mussels, and clams, in a spicy tomato sauce. Although it was not gluten free, it looked like the perfect choice for seafood lovers!

After dinner, we walked over to Le Macaron.

imageThe displays inside were gorgeous!


I just love all the bright colors! And of course, I love that they are gluten free.

imageI chose an assortment of six different flavors for everyone to try: pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, basil, passion fruit, and vanilla bean.

imageThe vanilla bean and pistachio were definitely my favorite. The basil tasted exactly like the fresh herb, but it was a bit too strange for me!

Thursday morning I got up early, and headed to the beach on my own for a morning walk.

imageIt was still in the 70’s outside, and the morning air felt amazing.


imageAfter my walk, I enjoyed my coffee and some light reading on the beach before heading back to pack up.

imageI enjoyed my trip so much, and I can’t wait until I can go back!

It’s back to work tomorrow, which means I’m prepping to get with my usual workout and eating schedule again. Just finished making my baked oatmeal for next week’s breakfasts!

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of the trip. My Dad snapped this one right as the sun went down. It was a cloudy day, and everything seemed to be different shades of the same color. It was beautiful.

imageI hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday evening.


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