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Blogs I’m Loving…on Bloglovin

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday!

Here is the August installment of blogs I’m really loving right now! This month I wanted to highlight Gina from The Fitnessista! She is another blogger that really helps me refocus on my fitness goals.

Gina: The Fitnessista

Lunge and lift

Blog Focus: Gina is certified trainer that focuses on healthy eating (she chooses to eat gluten free) and daily fitness. She originally started the blog while she was maintaining her 40 pound weight loss. Now it has grown into so much more!

Bolognese sauce  1 of 1

What you can expect in posts: Gina posts delicious, healthy recipes, easy workouts, and daily life recaps. Her family moves often because of her husbands job, and she has a whole section dedicated to being fit while pregnant with her daughter Olivia. She is a fabulous role model for anyone striving to be healthier in all aspects of their life.

29 weeks (1 of 1).jpg

*All photos are property of The Fitnessista.

You can check out her blog and mine on Bloglovin!


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