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Weekend Recharge

Flowers from Mom's garden

It’s Meteorological Fall Ya’ll!

It may still be 95 outside, but I’m excited that it is officially September.

My first week working in the new semester was a long one. After working late Friday evening, I took all of Saturday and Sunday to really recharge and refocus. I felt so prepared for the start of this week, that I wanted to share everything I did!

New Hair Cut!

long hairShort hair

I had talked about this back in my Fresh Start for Fall post, but I finally did it! It feels freeing to have short hair, and it feels so much healthier. Cutting your hair shorter tends to show off hair color a bit more too. I’ve noticed that my ends have turned really blonde over the last few months.

Deep Cleaning the House:

There is something about having everything tidy and clean that calms me. It had been one of those weeks where everything seemed to pile up, and soon we were stepping over mounds of clothes in our bedroom. I also noticed just how dusty everything was. Definitely not good to breathe that in.

I spent all morning Sunday wiping down shelves, vacuuming, and giving the bathrooms a deep clean. I also took this burst of energy to clear off any clutter on the dressers and side tables in our bedroom.

Peanut helping me clean

Peanut was such a big helper (heavy sarcasm). Do your dogs like to jump on the bed as your are trying to make it? What is that?

Fall candles

The cleaner the bedroom is, the easier it is for me to relax at night. I finally busted out the fall candles. I just couldn’t wait any longer. What is your favorite fall candle that you like to burn? The one above is an Autumn Apple scented one from Bath & Body Works.

Also, check out the fall countdown tracker I just added to the blog (for the fall equinox)! I’ll try and wait for all the pumpkin baking to start until then.

We will see…..

Flowers from Mom's garden

I’ve also had these gorgeous flowers on display in my family room as well. They are all from my Mom’s garden! So pretty.

Getting back to Running:

Finally, I refocused on exercise.

I somehow have slipped in my running over the last few weeks.Part of the reason is because I have increased my strength training, which is really good since I usually slack on that. Sunday night I laid out my workout clothes, and first thing Monday morning I got up and went for a longer run.

Moon is still out

The moon was still out, but with the temps in the mid 70s, it was really the only enjoyable time to run.

I can definitely feel it in my legs today! Now the challenge will be to keep up with running, and still do strength training.

Hope your week is off to a good start, and just think, there is a long weekend coming up! *For those lucky enough to have off labor day =).


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