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Weekend Recap: More Football, Gluten Free Pizza, and a Vet Appointment

Did you all watch football this weekend?

We are Cowboys fans so their Sunday win was a perfect ending to the weekend. Here is my weekend recap:

Saturday morning it was in the low 60s outside. It felt amazing!


I used this opportunity to open up all the windows in our house and air it out. Perfect weather to sit and enjoy my morning coffee.


Mr. Peanut had to go to the vet for his annual checkup and some shots. He had been feeling a bit under the weather earlier in the week so it was timed perfectly. He got a clean bill of health! Sadly, he still definitely thinks this is the worst place ever.



Saturday afternoon we headed out for a college tailgate. The weather ended up being really nice to hang outside for a while. After the game we headed to a local place called The Truckyard.


This place was really cool! It’s basically this giant outdoor area where they have different food trucks on rotation each week. They also have a stationary bar that sells cheese steaks with gluten free buns! I wasn’t up for eating a giant cheese steak this time, but I will definitely have to check it out when we come back. The photo above is the sign right before you walk in. Makes me laugh.


They have random tables spread out on the giant patio, and if you are lucky enough to grab a seat, they have an elevated area called the tree house.

Sunday afternoon I busted out a Freschetta Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza from our freezer. I wanted something quick and easy since I was planning on trying a new recipe for dinner later. *More on that to come!


Have you all tried this yet? I definitely think it is one of the better tasting frozen gf pizzas I have tried, and you seem to get a bit more pizza for your money. Sadly, it still costs close to $10. Nice for a treat every now and then.


I always use my special aerated pizza baking pan. The little holes allow for more even crisping. I find this to be especially helpful when I’m making a gluten free crust from scratch.


The thin crust is crunchy but has good flavor. Even my husband thought this brand was probably one of the better tasting frozen pizzas we have tried.


A serving size is two pieces at 330 calories. This is one gluten free item to try if you haven’t already!

More updates to come later. I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


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