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It’s Officially Fall!


Fall is here!

At least as of 3:22 this morning. The weather forecast going forward has temps slowly in a downward trend, which is really exciting. Hopefully not too many more 90 degree days ahead. I’m starting to get use to the darker walks in the morning, and it’s making for some gorgeous sunrises. Right after I snapped this photo, I saw two foxes run across the street up ahead of us.


It was really too dark to try and snap them in a photo, but what an awesome way to start the day. Peanut thought they were some extra large cats to play with. We decided to switch up our morning route so we wouldn’t disturb them.


Now that it’s officially fall, I’ll be busting out the Halloween decorations! The previous owners of our house left a box of things in the attic. Some of it is actually pretty cute. I’ll snap some pics once everything is done. I’ve also added a new Countdown Tracker on site for Halloween! I get really excited around this time of year. There’s consistently one big holiday every month, and I have some fun rituals that I like to do with each one. I’ll probably plan to tackle decorations this weekend.


On my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks to celebrate the new season. Ok, now for a shocking statement…. I don’t like the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Dun Dun Dun! Seriously though, I think it’s way too sweet and the hype surrounding it is a little overkill. I opted for a tall, non-fat caramel latte. It’s less sweet but the caramel flavor still feels very in for the season.


For breakfast I had my go to Chobani simply 100 and a small banana. I like that the Simpy 100 has 5g of fiber so it has a little more staying power than regular Greek yogurt.


My super sweet co-worker also brought in homemade pumpkin bread for our staff meeting. She made the batch gluten free so that I could partake. It’s really awesome to have a support group like that! I think I’ll have to bust out my own pumpkin bread soon!

How are you celebrating the new season?


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5 thoughts on “It’s Officially Fall!”

  1. I just moved to the mountains of North Carolina, and people here celebrate all things apple! I’ll be celebrating the fall by trying a lot Apple-related of things I never expected to. And you don’t like the pumpkin latte? Me either. 🙂


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