Fitness, Gluten Free

Let’s Do This!

I feel so much better now…

I’ve spent the weekend lounging and sleeping trying to recover from my first two intense weeks of work. I woke up this morning feeling recharged and ready to go!

I have the day off today for MLK Day, so I used all that new found energy for good use!

After a long walk with Peanut (it was in the 20’s outside, brrrr!) I came inside and enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee while folding a mountain of laundry. Seriosuly, this thing was a beast.

Who else feels better after cleaning? Having a clean house just makes such a difference.

After fitting in a strength training session, I ran out to Target and grabbed some gluten free snacks for work. I like the nutritional value of Quest bars better, but when I’m craving something sweet, these Luna bars are a great replacement.

At 2:00, I went and got my massage! I seriously don’t think I’ve had one in maybe 10 years. It was ahhhhmazing.

I’m ready to tackle the week ahead! Wishing you all an easy and short week ahead!



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