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Gluten Free Travels: Indianapolis


I just got back in town from cold and windy Indianapolis for a work trip. I am so happy to be back in Dallas. We are going to have nice weather here later this week and I’m ready to have a relaxing weekend!


It’s so hard to eat healthy when traveling, especially when you already have other restrictions in place, like gluten free. I was lucky to find Chobani at the Indianapolis airport coming back.


While I didn’t eat as healthy as I wanted to over the weekend trip, I did manage to fit in a workout at the amazing gym at the JW Marriott. They had tons of equipment, a pool, and chilled towels for after my run. While I prefer to run outdoors, it’s nice to jump on the treadmill every now and again. The view overlooked some of the museums.


View from my room. It was cold and damp. It actually snowed the day after we left. Got out just in time!

While I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any food photos, here are the places I had good experiences at for gluten free eats:

Weber Grill– They impressed me with the precautions they take for anyone that has Celiac Disease. All of my food was brought out my a separate waiter and was confirmed to be GF as it was placed in front of me. They have a separate GF menu. I had a Caesar salad and a burger on a Udi’s bun.

Palomino– There is a Palomino is Dallas, but I rarely go. We had pretty good service here. While they don’t have a separate GF menu, they can do pizzas and pasta gluten free. I had the Maytag Blue Cheese salad without any blue cheese. I know I’m weird to order that. Everything else in the salad sounded really good, I just can’t stand blue cheese. I opted for a balsamic vinaigrette instead. For my main course, I had Salsiccia Fresca pizza. It had homemade mozzarella, caramelized onions, and Italian sausage.It wasn’t the best GF pizza I have had, but the mozzarella was amazing.

Osteria Pronto– Breakfast is usually an easy meal to find GF options. One of the main restaurants in the JW Marriott had a decent buffet. They even were able to make me gluten free toast in the back. I confirmed that they use a separate toaster.

I also traveled with plenty of Quest bars and some apples for snacks and meals on the go. This is always especially helpful if the airport has very little options for those having to eat gluten free.

I’m happy to be home and looking forward to a low-key weekend! Wishing you all an easy week!




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