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Valentine’s Day and Prep for the Week

Happy Monday!

I know I have a long work-week ahead of me, and I’m trying to set a positive mood. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this week, even getting up to the 80’s! My goal is to focus on healthy eating and fitting in exercise.

I did a big grocery shop this weekend to load up on veggies. I’m planning on making smoothies with spinach this week, and a lower fat pasta dish with ricotta and mozzarella.


I made a quick breakfast with gluten free Cheerios and fresh strawberries. They are not exactly in season yet, but this warmer weather has me thinking about spring and summer already.


Even the plants are confused!


After breakfast, I took Peanut to get his nails trimmed at Petsmart. They do a pretty good job and it’s much cheaper than the vet. I’m way too chicken to cut his nails myself. Poor Peanut shook the whole time. I let him wander the store after and pick out a bone. He is so spoiled!


To end the weekend, Nick and I celebrated Valentine’s Day. I’m never a huge fan of this holiday, but Nick got me such pretty flowers! Who would say no to that? We kept it really low-key, which I liked. After grabbing a quick burger, we headed home to chill on the couch and enjoy the gluten free chocolate mini cakes that his Mom made for us.


They were so pretty! I will have to get the recipe from her.

Hoping you all got to spend some time with the ones you love yesterday, and wishing you a healthy and happy week!



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