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Gluten Free in Indianapolis: Cafe Patachou

I’m heading home!

Currently, I’m stuck in Kansas City. My connecting flight has been delayed over an hour. Let’s just say this isn’t the best airport I’ve ever been in, but they do have free wifi!


I got in to Indianapolis mid-afternoon on Sunday and basically was on the go until bed time. Because of the time change on Sunday, and the fact that Indianapolis is an hour ahead, I felt like I had lost two hours. My body was so out of wack. I was ready for bed at 8. Monday morning I got up early and headed across the street from my hotel to Cafe Patachou. 

This place was super cute inside. I’m still trying to decide what I loved the most. They had a coffee bar where you serve yourself. So you basically pay for a cup and then can refill as much as you like!


Yep! They even had gluten free waffles. They were light as air and had cinnamon sugar on top. They were delicious!


I liked Cafe Patachou so much that I went back for lunch! I had half a chicken salad sandwich on toasted Udi’s bread (they have a dedicated toaster) and a side salad.


If you are definitely ever near one and need to eat gluten or dairy free, check them out! They asked both times if there were allergens they should know about and the food was delicious and locally sourced! What more can a gf traveling gal want!

More from my Indy travels tomorrow!

Now I just have to wait for my plane to arrive…..



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