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Packing for Indianapolis and Week Recap

No offense to Indianapolis…

It seems nice enough, but I wish I was traveling somewhere else for my upcoming work trip. I was just there at the beginning of February and will be staying in the same area for a conference.If I have time, my goal is to branch out and find more GF friendly restaurants and spots.

Tonight I will be packing, cleaning the house, and getting ready.


Peanut has not been too happy with all this rain! We were finally able head out for a walk yesterday after work.


It has been misty, damp, and chilly. Definitely not the type of weather to get me motivated to work out and eat healthy, hence the oatmeal raisin cookies I baked earlier in the week. My goal over the last week has just been to try and balance it out. If I’m having a burger for dinner, I’ll eat a salad for lunch and yogurt with fruit for breakfast.

On Wednesday I went to visit my Mom and try to wear the dogs out a bit. As you can tell from the photos above, they didn’t rest much which was great for when I got home!


My Mom whipped up some quick gluten free mac and cheese made with baby bell cheese, cream cheese, and heavy cream. See what I mean about balance? Hah!


We did at least have fruit with it.

I have been trying though! This morning I had a smoothie with spinach, Greek yogurt and blueberries. I’ve packed an apple and carrots and hummus for snacks later today too. We will see how dinner goes…

Keep an eye out for some travel posts next week! My goal for this trip is to try and eat really healthy and at least work out twice. I’ll be there 3 days so that should be manageable!

Happy Friday!!


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