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Bikini Series Week 6 Recap!


I am seriously so happy with how my life is changing! I’ve been eating clean, working out daily, and getting stronger every day, and it is improving every area of my life. I’ve just finished week 6 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series and I can’t want to keep going!

Things I’ve noticed this week:


  1. Green smoothies are my jam! I love adding spinach to all of my smoothies now. You can’t really taste it, but you still get all of the nutrients.
  2. Coconut Protein Powder is amazingly delicious! Mix a scoop of this, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, half a banana, and some almond milk, and it’s like a healthy Pina Colada! * Almost =)


3. Protein pancakes can feel like a treat for a morning breakfast. The key is to cook them low and slow. Topped with real maple syrup and fruit, every day can feel like Sunday.


4. I LOVE any kind of arm/upper-body workout and those videos are definitely my favorite right now. You can instantly feel the soreness in your muscles and I always feel stronger after. My arms were definitely an area I was trying to build strength in, so I’m really happy with the results I have seen so far.


5. Working out every day is not hard if you get up early enough! My alarm has been going off around 5:50 every morning. If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever get up before 6am regularly, I would not have believed you! Giving myself time to wake up and head out for a walk with Peanut before my workout has made all the difference.

I’m looking forward to this week! Not only am I close to finishing this challenge, but I head to Vegas for my girls trip on Thursday! That means I am really sticking to my eating and workout plan. Meals for today: M1- protein pancakes, M2-grapefruit, M3- kale salad with chicken, M4- hummus and veggies, M5- chicken, broccoli, and quinoa!

Side note: My adorable puppy turned three last week!


Wishing you all a successful week to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself! Look out for some Vegas posts next week!



1 thought on “Bikini Series Week 6 Recap!”

  1. Those pancakes look too good to be true- major yum!

    Would love to hear from you on my latest post about letting go of the past + toxic friendships!

    The Beauty Of Our Imperfection™


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