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Gluten Free Adventures: New Mexico Part 2!


I’m finally settling back in the the swing of things…

The drive back from Ruidoso, New Mexico took 9 full hours, and with a panting dog in the back seat, I was ready to be home!

Nick and I spent the rest of our time on the trip exploring hiking trails around the mountains. Peanut loved all the new smells and animals. We saw tons of deer, two wild turkeys, and a snake! Thankfully, the snake was heading away from me.

The weather was so nice. High temps in the 80s and lows in the upper 50s. I kept checking the weather in Dallas and it was high 90s, feeling like 100+ degrees (gross). Happy to have escaped the heat for a week.


After resting Wednesday afternoon, Nick’s mom and I headed down to the shops around Ruidoso. We wondered into the most wonderful tea shop, Old Barrel Tea Co.

They had containers of all types of teas, with a ton of flavors. They had brewed a batch of a combination between lemongrass and blueberry teas. It was AMAZING. I bought tins of both to combine them. I also got a tin of grapefruit tea as well. I’m hoping to make myself a cup of tea in the evening to ward off snacking and cravings for dessert.


On Wednesday night, Nick and I headed to Grill Caliente for dinner. I had checked out the menu beforehand for some gluten free options and while nothing was listed as GF, they had plenty of naturally gluten free dishes. The waitress was super knowledgeable about gluten and also checked to make sure their queso was GF! I can’t say no to queso. I had a really yummy red wine sangria as well!


For dinner, I had the most delicious, and spiciest chicken I have EVER had. The habenero rub in the description probably should have tipped me off. It came with sauteed veggies and green chili mashed potatoes. Amazing. Definitely try this place out if you ever head to Ruidoso or somewhere close by!

On Thursday, Nick, Peanut, and I headed to a near-by lake for some early afternoon hiking. We watched as some storm clouds rolled in.


As the thunder got closer, we decided to turn around and make the short drive back to the house up the mountain. It was a good call! It started to pour just as we were making the steep climb up the cliff-side.

We made it back just in time for a CRAZY hail storm. Who knew it hailed in the mountains?!?!

It was such a nice relaxing trip and was much needed after a crazy year so far! Next trip up is Florida in August! Time to get back on my regular exercise and healthy eating schedule =).

Happy Hump Day!



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