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Gluten Free Adventures in Ruidoso, New Mexico!


I’m blogging live from Ruidoso, New Mexico!

On Saturday, Nick, Peanut, and I got up early and started the 9 hour drive west to New Mexico. It was hot and tiring, but our reward was arriving in a beautiful mountain oasis that was cooler and less humid than Dallas.

Peanut was NOT happy about the long car ride. The poor dog panted the whole time. He just would not sleep! There is really nothing going on in west Texas either. A whole lot of farm land, and that’s about it.

The views from the house we are staying in are so pretty. We are about 7500 elevation, so you can really see a long ways. Peanut is enjoying all the new smells and wildlife! So far we have seen deer and wild turkeys. No black bears yet, which is probably a good thing!

After sleeping in a bit, we headed out to a walking trail along a creek. It was sunny, mid-70’s for the temp, and perfect for walking!

Peanut jumped in the creek for a brief moment, but wasn’t too crazy about the moving water.


After our walk, we headed to a coffee shop along the river where we could sit outside with the dogs. Scared Grounds Coffee is my new favorite place in town. They had a tone of gluten free options and a wide selection of coffees and teas. For breakfast, I splurged for the gluten free french toast. It came with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and maple syrup. So yummy! They also serve wine and beer and host live music at night. I’m sure we will be heading back there at some point this week!


Yesterday morning I headed out for a run near our house. There are some REALLY steep hills so I am definitely getting a strong workout in. I can already feel it in my legs. I also brought my yoga mat and free weights so I can do some videos while I am here as well. I’m hoping to go back at the end of the week rested, healthy, and ready to take on the rest of summer!

Where is your favorite place to vacation?



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