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Gluten Free Eats: Denver Round 2!

Yay Friday!!!! This felt like such a long week. I just finished my workout, now I’m sipping on my coffee ready to recap all about my trip to Denver at the end of April.


Earlier this year I was searching flights randomly one day and saw that flights to Denver were super cheap. Nick and I love Denver. It’s such a fun place, so we jumped on the chance to take a long weekend. We had anticipated sunny weather in the 60’s, but instead were gifted a winter storm, which is really fun when you come from Texas where is doesn’t snow much.

We packed up for the winter weather and headed to the airport. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the Denver airport to downtown Denver, and since it was early in the day, we headed straight to Red Rocks.


If you’ve never been to Red Rocks, it’s a must for a Denver trip. They built a concert venue into the side of the cliff, and it’s so beautiful.


During the day, you will see people running the stairs, or walking the trail around the venue. It’s a steep climb, so you feel like you get a decent workout in.


Plus it’s great for picture taking.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’ve become obsessed with deviled eggs. Not only are the a yummy appetizer, but in most cases they are naturally gluten free, making it an easy choice when I am out. We stumbled upon Southern Hospitality and stopped in for happy hour. They had a bourbon Moscow mule which was delish! The also had a TON of gluten free options,including some really good deviled eggs =)


We would have stayed for dinner, but I already had my heart set on visiting Racca’s Pizzeria. Some of the gluten free pizza reviews for this place were impressive, including multiple people saying this was the best gluten free pizza they had ever had. I can’t miss that opportunity! And guys, it WAS amazing. You could tell this was a legit Italian pizzeria, including flying their products in from Italy, and using specialized brick ovens. They have a separate oven just for GF pizzas, and they make their dough from scratch.


The dough was light and puffy, and the sauce was amazing. Nick even thought mine might be better than the regular. GF friends, if you go to Denver, you NEED to stop here.


Friday we had plans to drive up to Estes Park before the winter storm started. We headed to Pigtrain Coffee before setting out on our drive. The last time we came here, I remember loving their lattes. I had an almond milk latte which was delicious, and paired with my Quest Bar, it was the perfect breakfast on the go.

Estes Park  is known as the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It sits at about 7500 elevation, and has gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains. It is also home to the Stanley Hotel, which is where The Shining was filmed (as well as Dumb & Dumber).


IMG_0183IMG_0184We walked around the hotel, looking at all of the details. My favorite room was the bar. It had an amazing ceiling. I wanted to stay and do one of their creepy tours, but then we looked at the sky…


The winter storm was coming a bit early, and we definitely didn’t want to get stuck in the mountains, so we made the journey back down.


It started snowing as soon as we left Estes Park, so I was happy we were getting out of there!

On the way back, we stopped at The Buff Restaurant in Boulder, which is officially my new favorite town. They had a TON of gluten free options, and it looked like a popular local spot for brunch.


Anytime I can get gluten free pancakes, I can’t resist!


When we got back to Denver, it was still sunny out. We decided to venture out to dinner at Ignite Kitchen & Cocktails. As soon as we sat down at the bar, it started to snow, really hard, outside. We knew it was going to be an interesting walk back to the hotel, so I was happy to stay put for a little bit.


I had a really good gluten free burger here, along with some super flavorful veggies. Sadly they don’t have a separate fryer so their french fries are off limits, but after the pancakes, I think veggies was the smart choice anyway!


We woke up the next day to this! There was snow covering everything. I was so glad I brought my boots.

We ventured out for a little bit, but it was too cold to walk around, plus it was still snowing. A little forced relaxation is good for me sometimes! Around dinner time we headed downstairs to a restaurant that was connected to our hotel.


Kachina Southwestern Kitchen had a cute, modern design. The guacamole trio is a must try. The corn one was my favorite!


Strawberry margarita anyone?


After all the yummy treats, I did some healthy meal planning while we waited at the airport the next day. Nothing like a burger and pancakes to motivate you to get back on track =).

It’s supposed to feel close to 100 here today, so wintry temps are far behind us, but it was a nice treat to see all that snow! Hoping you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I am so grateful to all those who have served, especially those in my family ❤

And now to Pinterest some healthy BBQ recipes!


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