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Bikini Challenge!


Hi Everyone!

Yes, this blog still exists. I think this may be the longest I have gone without posting. Life has been pretty crazy/stressful, but hoping that I’ll have some clarity in the next few weeks that can help me get back to a normal routine.


I wanted to share all about my adventures so far in this year’s Tone It Up Bikini Challenge! You can read all about my experience with it last year here, but it was such an awesome experience that I wanted to get back on board this year. The community is so positive and supportive, and the meal planning really helps me stay on track.


The Tone It Up website has an extensive collection of recipes, and tons of protein muffin options. These lemon poppy seed muffins above are sooo good.

Each day, they provide a daily workout schedule, which I usually try and get done first thing in the morning. This way life can’t get in the way later. Workouts are usually some combination of a workout video, cardio, and toning movies. Jump squats anyone???

Then I usually follow up with a protein smoothie. I like using organic, vegan protein powder, and I love to add in spinach. It’s a great way to get more veggies but you can’t taste them!

Egg white/banana pancakes are genius, and taste amazing. My other new favorite discovery is Elli Quark, but it’s sometimes hard to track down at the store.


My favorite part of the morning is taking a walk with Peanut. It clears my head, wakes me up, and he gets his exercise in. Yay for the earlier sunlight!

One of the reasons I love the Tone It Up challenges is the support from others in the community. You can connect on Facebook, through their website, or on Instagram, which is definitely the most popular. You check in daily with your Tone It Up ladies to hold yourself accountable, and to help motivate others.

I have definitely not been following the meal plan or eating clean 100% of the time (who can?!) but I’m trying to focus on whole foods, and lots of veggies and fruits. My recent trip to Denver threw me off track for sure (I have a whole post about that coming up), but the most important part is to get right back on track, and not beat yourself up. Eating healthy and working out shouldn’t be something you do a few times a year, but a lifestyle, so it’s important to make it work for you!

And you can’t forget dessert! Wine on Wednesday? Check! Chocolate and ice cream? Check! I try to stick to a piece of dark chocolate or some Halo Top when I need something sweet after dinner, but sometimes I go all out! My new favorite is the Halo Top Oatmeal Cookie. Soooo good!

Hoping your week is going well! Wishing you lots of healthy yummy eats, warm springtime walks, and snuggles with a furry friend <3.




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