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Gluten Free in Jacksonville: Epik Burger

Happy Monday!


Work is finally settling down for the summer months, which means more time for travel, cooking, and new adventures! I recently returned from a quick trip to Jacksonville, FL to attend my nephews graduation (so proud!). While we were on the run for most of the time, we did have some amazing meals.


Epik burger is a cute little spot offering a wide variety of burger options with some mouthwatering sides. The best part….they have amazing gluten free onion rings!


The batter is light and crispy, and everyone in my fam loved them. They take a lot of extra precautions, and all of their fried items are gluten free, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.


Which means fries! Regular fries, sweet potato, cheese, triffle parm, gravy… all gluten free.


They had plenty of burger options and toppings to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and dairy free guests.

Visiting for multiple days? Definitely check out Taco Lu . Really good southwest Mexican and they are super knowledgable about celiac and safety. Not only was their queso delicious, but they brought me out my own little bowl and chips that had not been in the fryer. Yaaaasssss!


Hoping your week is filled with sunshine and space to breathe.



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