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Gluten Free in Indianapolis: Cinnamon Toast & Fried Chicken!


Every February I take around 20 student leaders to a conference in Indianapolis. Even though the weather is always freezing, I’ve found Indy to be a foodie destination with some really stellar gluten free options.


Cafe Patachou is always on my must list when I go. They have an amazing selection of gluten free breakfast and lunch options, the food is fresh, and the self-serve coffee keeps me alive while traveling with 18-20 year olds.


GF options for breakfast include waffles, pumpkin bread, omelettes, smoothies, and cauliflower fried rice (yes, for breakfast!). I’ve had the waffle and can confirm it is indeed delicious. If you do have celiac or an allergy, let them know and they take extra precautions.


I went for the savory and sweet combo this time. My omelette had bacon, white cheddar, onions, and potatoes. It came with a side of dressed arugula, and the most amazing cinnamon toast. It’s one of the items they are known for, and I can see why. They slather the toast with butter and cinnamon sugar. #superhealthy #idontcare

IT WAS WORTH IT! The gluten free toast basically melts in your mouth.

Proof I did go to the gym. Between walking everywhere and working out each morning, I did’t feel as bad about my meal choices while we were there. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.


Next up was Punch Bowl Social, which felt like an adult Dave & Busters, in the best way possible. They have locations all over, and pair yummy meal options with arcade games, bowling, karaoke, and multiple bars to park up and watch a game.


I had their version of a cob salad, which sadly does not appear to be included on their recently updated menu. It had gluten free fried chicken, black-eyed pea salad, romaine, avocado, green beans, and hard boiled egg. All of their items are clearly labeled, and they can make most of their menu gluten free.


I love fries…. so when a restaurant is able to fry them separately to be truly gluten free, I always try them out! Their rosemary fries were crispy, salty, and came with a delicious tangy dipping sauce.


Finally, please make time to check out Napolese. This is also one of my go-to stops in Indianapolis. They have amazing gluten free pizza, but what I always get excited about is their roasted brussels sprout salad. It comes with crisp apples, Marcona almonds, dried cherries, and a balsamic reduction. I could eat this salad every day!

Other great options to try while you are there:

Weber Grill: Burgers, ribs, steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and Caesar salad

Bru Burger Bar: Salads, burgers, milkshakes

Nook:  This one is on my list for next year! It a paleo influenced diner that includes tacos, chicken fingers, lasagna, pizza, and salmon. Yum!

Wishing you a week filled with delicious meals, fun activities, and good weather!



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