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Weekly Planning: Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep

Grocery Shopping and meal planning

Sundays are our grocery shopping days.

I love to plan out the week ahead, and it not only saves us money, but ensures that we are less wasteful with what we bought.

Chocolate Banana OatmealI always make sure to eat something before heading to the grocery store, otherwise I end up on the chip aisle, and it’s all down hill from there. I’ve been really into mixing some cocoa powder into my morning oatmeal. It makes it feel more like dessert, while still being healthy.


We tend to buy the same staples every week: organic fat free milk (the organic always seems to last longer), cheese, lowfat Greek yogurts (Chobani is my jam right now), and a big pack of chicken. During the summer, we usually grill a bunch of chicken at the beginning of the week, and then use the leftovers for sandwiches, salads, etc. It makes putting dinner together so much easier.

Fat free, organic, re-fried beans are a pantry staple for me. On the nights I don’t want to cook anything, I can make some quick GF tacos.

VeggiesWe always start in the produce section. Broccoli. bananas, and potatoes are a must to buy every week. I am obsessed with roasted, garlic broccoli. It gets a nice crispy texture in the oven. I also get spinach for morning smoothies.

Bananas and peaches

In the summer, I buy tons of nectarines and peaches. They are my favorite fruit, and are definitely the best when they are in season.

Eating healthy and exercising every day is a struggle, but I find that planning out meals ahead of time helps keep me on track!

What meal prep do you all do to help make the weekday meals easier? I’d love some more tips.


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