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It’s Go Time! Fall is coming.

Do you feel that? It's the creeping of the new school year on us! As someone who works at a university, August always brings that feeling of "oh crap, I have so much left I wanted to do and 2 weeks to do it"! It's not a great one. School officially starts on August 22nd,… Continue reading It’s Go Time! Fall is coming.

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Weekend Recap: Baseball, Cleaning, & Snap Kitchen!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I took it easy this weekend, spent a lot of time at home relaxing, and did some serious deep cleaning! On Friday night, Nick and I headed to the Ranger's game. We usually try to go to at least once a season. They are so fun, and… Continue reading Weekend Recap: Baseball, Cleaning, & Snap Kitchen!

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is definitely here. And in Texas, it's not staying long! With temps slowly creeping into the mid-eighties, I know I should enjoy these mild days now. With every change of season, I try to clean up, reorganize, and plan for the months ahead. It's great to have things to look forward to in the… Continue reading Spring Cleaning

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Weekend Recharge

It's Meteorological Fall Ya'll! It may still be 95 outside, but I'm excited that it is officially September. My first week working in the new semester was a long one. After working late Friday evening, I took all of Saturday and Sunday to really recharge and refocus. I felt so prepared for the start of… Continue reading Weekend Recharge

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Closet Clean Out & Summer Salads

It was closet clean out day! One of my summer goals was to clean out my closet so that it's not only easier to get ready each day, but because I knew there were items in my closet that I never wear. It took about 3 hours for Nick and I to clear out both… Continue reading Closet Clean Out & Summer Salads