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Halloween Movies, Dog Snuggles & Lazy Girl Gluten Free Cupcakes


I did some major relaxing this weekend. I wasn’t feeling in the best shape, so I took it easy and did two of my favorite things: baking and watching movies!


One of my favorite movies to watch before Halloween each year is Practical Magic. I guess it’s not really Halloween themed, but it is about witches!


Peanut and I did some serious snuggling!


After the movie, I was craving something sweet that didn’t take a lot of effort. Cue the baking mix and already made frosting. It’s so easy to throw these cupcakes together, and with a couple special additions and swaps, they taste better than boxed. I love the Betty Crocker gluten free mixes.


I just mixed a stick of softened butter, 3 eggs, 2/3 cup water, the mix, and two teaspoons of almond flavoring. I love using almond flavoring in place of vanilla. It is especially good when using with white/yellow cake mixes. Once everything was incorporated, I added my secret ingredient, white chocolate instant pudding mix! It helps keep the cupcakes extra moist and adds amazing flavor. Just mix it in and you are good to go!


While they were baking, Peanut got a doggy ice cream treat! It was 94 degrees here yesterday. Yep, middle of October and mid 90’s. Not enjoying the outdoors, that’s for sure.


I frosted half of the cupcakes with just chocolate frosting. The other half, I removed the cupcake centers, put in a teaspoon of strawberry jam, and then frosted. Amazing.

I also made a yummy pot roast with gf gravy yesterday! More to come on that later.


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