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Fall Fabfitfun Box!


This was my first time trying a monthly box subscription and I was not disappointed!

I was able to use the $10 discount, so it was so worth the $39 for over $300 worth of stuff!


I grabbed a coffee to flip through the magazine they give you with each box. It explains what each item is and the retail value of the item as well.


Everything comes wrapped in a cute box.


What I love about the Fabfitfun boxes is that they incorporate health and beauty together, so there is always something fitness related. This season, they included a ankle strength tubing and a DVD exercise video to go with it. This will be perfect on raining days or in mornings when it’s just too dark to go out for a run before work.


It included an adorable umbrella that is the perfect size to fit in my purse. I always seem to buy cheep ones that fall apart, so a nice sturdy umbrella was a fun surprise.


For the beauty portion, it included three items. Two Gold Radiance face masks, Manna lip stain (which is gluten free!), and Flawless Skin Fluid by Doctor Schwab. I love love love the lip stain. It is moisturizing and the color is just a slightly pumped up version of my own lip color so it’s perfect for everyday.


The box came with two gift cards. One was for Picture it on Canvas for $75, which can take your photos and transition them into giant works of art, mugs, coasters, phone covers, pillows, etc. The second is $15 to the Jeweler’s Wifem which carries brands like Kendra Scott and Dogeared, my personal favorite.


This  HISY Portable Power Bank phone charger is going to come in handy the next time the power goes out at our house or when we are on road trips!


There was also a really pretty gold and teal bracelet from Tribe Alive, and a purple purse tassel in honor of domestic violence prevention month. The sponsored item for this season with the Crest 3-D White Dual System.

Overall, I am happy that I finally tried this monthly subscription box! Not sure I will continue for next season, but it’s a nice surprise every few months!

What subscriptions do you all use? Any favorites?


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