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It’s Thanksgiving Week!


Happy Tuesday everyone.

I am thankful for so many things this week, and can’t wait to eat some delicious food with family on Thursday. What dishes are you making this week? I’m making some old favorites and also trying something new!

The weather has been so nice here in Dallas. Chilly, but the sun is shining. I’ve been trying to get back into a solid workout routine, starting each day with a walk with Peanut. This morning was weights, but I’m still sore from rowing yesterday. We bought a rower last winter and it is such a good workout.

It’s definitely starting to feel like the holidays! We will have to switch out our decorations at the end of the week to get everything up for Christmas.

I will be busy this evening making pie crust for the pumpkin pies I will bake tomorrow. This is my favorite pumpkin pie recipe.

I will also be busy making gluten free stuffing, and trying out a new recipe: bourbon chocolate pecan pie! I’ve be sure to post all the recipes.


Until then, I’ll try to eat as healthy as I can. Got to save room for that pie =)!


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