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Christmas and 2015 Goals Recap


How was your Christmas?

Mine was wonderful and tiring. It’s always great spending time with family and we had a packed three days. We are now enjoying some much needed time off work and checking some to do’s off our list.

Peanut is tired too! I got some wonderful gifts that I am really excited to use.

On the fitness/well-being side, I got a new sports bra (always an exciting gift for someone that loves having a lot of work out gear!) and some of the Sleep selections from the aromatherapy line at Bath & Body Works . It smells amazing! I plan on putting the lotion by my bedside.



I also got the KitchenAid Spiralizer attachment! I can’t wait to try some healthy veggie pasta substitutes and recipes.

What gifts are you all looking forward to using this next year?

As I think ahead to 2016, which is in just a few days, I thought I would look back on some of the goals I set for myself this past year.

2015 Goals Accomplished

  • Cook more at home and plan more meals.
    • We did a good job of planning out meals on Sunday and sticking to them pretty strictly. This has helped with super crazy weeks, and actually lead to us eating more of the veggies we buy at the store.
  • Eat less fast food.
    • I did great on this one too. Nick and I got into a pattern of only eating out once a week. It helped both our budget and our weight loss goals.

2015 Goals in Progress (I’ll be putting these on again for 2016)

  • Loose 15 pounds.
    • I’m doing well on this one! I lost 10 pounds this year and I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve decided on 10 more for 2016. I know those will be the harder 10 to loose so I’ll really have to stick with my healthy eating and daily exercise.
  • Floss more.
    • I’ve come to the conclusion that flossing every day is probably not a reality for me, so I’m settling for more times per week. Flossing is such an awesome habit to build.

I’m compiling my 2016 list and I hope you are too! Let’s plan to share our goals on the 1st. They say one of the best ways to make sure you accomplish your goals is to share them with others!

Wishing you a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!!


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