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2016 Resolutions- Happy New Year!!

imageHappy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe new years eve. It’s time to think ahead to the next twelve months. A chance to start over, a fresh start, a time to reinvent… however you want to say it, January 1st creates a feeling of hope.

What do you all have planned as your goals? I am trying to keep mine simple, achievable, and in different areas of my life.

I feel really good about the way 2015 went. I got a promotion at work, dropped 10 pounds, spent lots of quality time with my husband and family, worked out consistently every week, and started this blog! It has been such a fun outlet and so inspiring to see what fellow bloggers are doing with their lives. I know 2016 will only be better!

Here we go……..


  • Lose 10 more pounds (be stronger and fitter). 
    • I’m putting all the cards on the table here. This will be much harder than the first 10. I’m short at 5’3″ so each pound is definitely more noticeable, but I feel my happy weight is closer to 128 than my current 138. My plan this round is to focus more on weight training and eating healthier. I love to run, but without the other two components, I won’t see the progress I want! I’m going to use this blog and all of you to help me stay accountable.
  • Stress less and let go.
    • 2015 was a crazy year at work. So much change. This year I hope to stress less about what I can’t control and focus on what I can. I have so much to be thankful for, and I need to remember that every single day.


  • Spend more time in nature.
    • I love being outside. It makes me happy and definitely less stressed. My hope is to plan some trips this year that focus more on being in nature and being active. My daily walks with Peanut should help!


  • Wash my makeup off EVERY night.
    • Yep, I’m admitting this bad habit. I am so bad about going to bed without washing my face. As I inch closer to the big 3-0, I need to start caring more for my skin. No wrinkles for me!
  • Really focus on eating an 80-20 diet. 80% healthy, 20% fun.
    • I did a decent job of this in 2015, but I’m afraid I hung out in more of the 60-40 range. Not great if I have goals to really shape up.


  • Floss more and visit the dentist regularly.
    • I’m really good about all of my yearly health appointments accept for this one. No excuses this year. A healthier mouth means a healthier body!

Let me know what your resolutions are as well, we are in this together!

Cheers to a healthy, happy, and fun 2016!


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8 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions- Happy New Year!!”

  1. Love your resolutions, and congrats on your fitness accomplishments in 2015. I really believe fitness never ends, there are always more ways to improve, so hats off to you for pushing yourself more. Happy new year, and let’s kick butt in 2016!


      1. Absolutely, resolutions only work if we apply them every day. It’s all about consistency. Hope you have a good one!


    1. Well, I’m just coming off of my busiest week of work for the year. I worked 12 straight days in a row, and many of them for 18+ hours. Looking forward to focusing on goals now =). It’s always a rough way to start the year!

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