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Week Recap: Nature, Pizza, and Packing

I feel like it’s been forever since I have posted.

Work has been intense, but now the students are off for spring break and I’m looking forward to a more low-key week ahead! (even if I do have to work).

This weekend I’ll be heading to visit a friend in Austin, TX. I’m looking forward to some much needed girl time, yummy food, and fun activities!


This past weekend, I went out to visit my Mom and Dad. They have this great park near by their home where we can let the dogs run loose. They love it!

It’s always nice to have a tired pup when I get home.

I also made sure to go out and vote in the primary! Women fought hard for our right to vote and I wouldn’t want to waste that opportunity.


I stopped by the mall this past week to pick up some new makeup (Dillards has a Clinique special going on!) and use a coupon I had for Anthropoligie. I wouldn’t be able to shop there without one =). They had these gorgeous flowers all throughout the mall.


I took some students out to a working dinner the other night and indulged in pizza! I’ve been trying to eat well and work out everyday. It’s challenging and some times I just need pizza in my life.

It was really hard to find a place after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease that had all of the yummy pasta and pizza dishes I used to enjoy. I was excited to come across the gluten free menu at, Penne Pomodoro. Now it’s my go to place for quick Italian food.


I topped my pizza with roasted garlic and broccoli. At least if I’m going to get pizza, I needed to top it with veggies!

Penne Pomodoro is a local chain with three locations in the Dallas area. Their gluten free menu has a TON of options.

Look out for some posts on my trip to Austin soon! Excited to try some new gluten free restaurants. Enjoy the weekend!




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