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Weekend Recap: Lake, Workouts, & Meal Prep!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m looking forward to a week of healthy eats and workouts. We just started a health challenge at work to lose a few pounds. I’m using it as extra motivation this week.

On Saturday, Nick, Peanut and I headed to the dog park at our lake. Peanut can usually only handle 20 minutes before he gets overwhelmed, so we ventured out to walk along the lake. It was overcast, but the temperatures were really nice.


There were a ton of people on the lake kayaking. I will definitely have to get out there again this summer!

The walk around the lake was the perfect warm up before doing some free weights and then heading out for a run.


I’m using the a combo of a kettle bell and regular weights and I’m definitely sore after, so it’s doing something! Still working on increasing my push ups. That’s where I struggle the most.

imageAfter my run, I headed to Starbucks before meeting girlfriends for a much needed mani/pedi. Seriously, I wait too long in between. I grabbed a grande iced passion tea (unsweetened of course!) and the fruit and nut blend above. It was the right amount of salty/sweet and protein/carbs to keep me going. I also realized I’m not a huge fan of dried blueberries.


On Sunday, I prepped meals for the week. I have frozen chopped fruits ready to go for smoothies, and I made a batch of banana blueberry baked oatmeal for ready to go breakfasts.

For quick and healthy dinners for the week, I cooked up a big batch of chili made with extra lean ground beef, and tons of flavor with spices.


I cooked it low and slow for 3 1/2 hours, and the end result was amazing. With a big batch of cooked quinoa on the side and ready to go, I have little excuse to eat healthy this week.


And now for my weekend splurge: Nick and I headed back to Cow Tipping Creamery. I had vanilla soft serve with caramelized banana, toasted marshmallows, and whipped cream. It was amazing.


I had to take a pic of Nick’s too. It was a s’mores sundae with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate sauce. Yum!


Peanut and I were back at it this morning with our early morning walk!

Hoping you all stay on track this week. I know I’m going to try my hardest!


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