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Bikini Series Week One Recap

It’s a new week!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I survived my first week on the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge. I stuck pretty well to my meal plan and worked out every single day. So small victory there. I was also finally was brave enough to snap my “before” photos. Definitely not brave enough to share them yet!


My meals were filled with healthy kale salads, lean protein, and fruit and veggies. I definitely noticed a boost in my energy from day 1!


I’ve also been working on make protein pancakes and waffles for breakfast. They are just made up of banana, egg whites, protein powder, and a little vanilla extract. Still trying to get the consistency and taste right, but they are definitely getting better!

I’ve been doing lots of walks with Peanut, paired with videos from the Tone It Up plan. I realized just how out of shape I am! I may be able to run, but I have like zero muscle! I’m working on it now though!

On Sunday, Nick, Peanut and I headed to a European car show at the lake by our house. The weather was gorgeous, and it felt amazing being outside.


The single hardest part about my new healthy eating plan is sticking to it on the weekends! I cut down to only have alcohol on Friday and Saturday night, and limited myself to a couple vodka and La Croix (I’m obsessed with this stuff). I did have some french fries and a sweet treat this week that were definitely not meal plan approved, but I’m all about baby steps and small victories.

Sunday was all about meal prep! I went to the store on Saturday so I would have everything ready to go for my cooking marathon on Sunday. I grabbed fresh peaches, raspberries, kale, asparagus, bell peppers, and brussel sprouts. I also made my own trail mix with unsalted pistachios, almonds, unsweetened banana chips, and dried cranberries. Yum!


For lunches this week, I made a big batch of my chicken tortilla soup. It’s all veggies, chicken breast, and broth, so it’s really healthy. I had a bowl for dinner along with a corn tortilla with 1/4 an avocado on top.

This morning I got up early, made coffee, and did an arm workout video. This afternoon I plan to do a HIIT one to get my heart rate up!

I followed it up with a chocolate protein smoothie! I have some new Perfect Fit Protein coming in soon that is supposed to be really good. Looking forward to it because I’m not crazy about some of the others I have tried. This Garden of Life Raw Protein I had this morning was pretty good though.

Looking forward to staying strong this week with my diet, exercising every day, and most importantly, focusing on the small changes with my body. I may not have lost weight, but I have more energy, and my muscles are sore, so I know I’m getting good workouts in!

Good luck to all of you trying to stay healthy this week!



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