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Healthy Hump Day!

We’ve made it halfway through the workweek! I hope it’s been easy on you. I have off work this Friday so I’m looking forward to getting through tomorrow to enjoy my three day weekend!


Peanut has been my fitness partner this week. Every time I’ve wanted to just take it easy, he reminds me that he too needs to get his exercise in. Once I’m moving, it’s easier to just go do mine right after.


I’ve been prepping each night before bed to lay out my workout clothes, my coffee mug, and protein shake so that I can be ready to go in the morning! The more prep I do, the less excuses I have. This week has been all about strength training, HIIT, and cardio.


I’ve been trying to keep my meals lean, clean, and green. Dinners have been smoked chicken breast, roasted veggies or salad, and quinoa.


Sometimes the most simple meals are the most delicious! One of my breakfasts this week was fat free Greek yogurt, fruit, and walnuts. It was filled with protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep me going!


I’ve definitely noticed that my sweet tooth has reduced considerably. I’m still struggling with junk food cravings. Like my craving for pizza is unreal, but I plan on having a couple pieces as a treat meal later this week. I’ve decided not to use to word cheat! It feels so much more negative and healthy living is all about balance, right?!?

Hoping the rest of your week goes by smoothly! I’ll be cleaning and prepping my house this weekend to host Mother’s Day. I’m already thinking ahead for some healthy brunch recipes for our menu. Mini veggie frittata anyone?



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