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Meal Prep & Bikini Series Week Two Recap

It’s Monday People!

That means we get a fresh start for the week ahead. I know I could use one after eating too much pizza and too little veggies this weekend. I’m not going to beat myself up too much for it. Everyone slips up now and again, and it’s all about getting back into it!


I was actually doing really well through the end of the week. Thursday’s dinner was filled with healthy salmon and veggies. Friday, Nick and I had off work, so we went out during the day to see Keanu (I now want a kitten!) and then to grab some food after. My plan was to eat a couple slices of pizza, but by later that night I had snacked through it all (ahh!).


It was pretty amazing though =). Spin pizza definitely has the best gluten free pizza around Dallas right now. Between the pizza and the vodka sodas that definitely took place Friday night, I knew I had overdone it.


I tried to get back on track Saturday morning. I woke up early, went for a run, did some strength training, and then enjoyed my coffee with Peanut laying at my feet.

I was also really excited because my Perfect Fit Protein FINALLY arrived. I had been trying different plant-based protein powders and was excited to try one that had such good reviews. I baked up a bunch of protein muffins from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and was really happy with how they turned out! I’ll have to do a full review later on.

Saturday afternoon I went to get my hair highlighted as an early birthday gift to myself. It had been a few years since I had highlighted my hair, and I forgot how funny you look with all the foil on your head! Definitely feeling more summery!

On Sunday we had Nick’s family over for Mother’s Day. We made these really awesome mini frittatas! I will have to share the recipe. After they left, I was all about meal prep. I probably spent 3 hours in the kitchen but it was worth it. I chopped veggies, made soup, made healthy lunches, and pre-portioned snacks.


I finally busted out the spiralizer for my KitchenAid. It was actually really fun and easy to use, and now we have zoodles for later in the week!


This morning I was up early for a run before work. It is getting so humid outside, but everything is so green and pretty.

For breakfast I made a protein shake with Perfect Fit protein, iced coffee, almond milk, and half a frozen banana. It’s coffee and breakfast all in one! Definitely a great choice for those warmer mornings during the summer. Looking forward to drinking more iced coffee now.

Goals for week 3:

  1. Really stay on track with my nutrition this week! They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, and it would be really awesome if I just liked kale naturally (half joking). But seriously, no more pizza adventures.
  2. Focus on adding more cardio into my routine. For the past two weeks I have been really good about working out every day. I seriously have worked out now 15 days in a row in some form, but it has been mostly strength and HIIT videos. I really want to fit running back in there for a nice balance.
  3. Focus on how much strength I have gained already!

Wishing you all a successful and happy week ahead!



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