Summer Time, and the Living Is Easy

Beach Water

The days are longer, the weather is sunny and warm, and the workload seems to trail off a bit. Summer is a time to rejuvenate, relax, and do something good for yourself! Now that things are calming down for me, I like to take some time in May to plan out my summer months so that I really feel like I got the most out of it that I can!


Here are the things I like to focus on and plan for:

  1. Vacations: These don’t have to be actual trips. Stay-cations are sometimes the best way to really relax. It’s all about unplugging and enjoying the moment! I have a few trips coming up this summer that I am really looking forward to:
    • The Lake- Over Memorial Weekend (AKA my Birthday Weekend!) I am heading with some friends to their lake house. I’m looking forward to some lazy weekend days!
    • Vegas!- Yep, I’m heading back again this year with three girlfriends. We are celebrating our last year in our 20’s. I’ll be sure to blog about all the new gluten free goodies I find!
    • New Mexico- I’m also heading out with Nick’s family to a cabin in New Mexico for a week. This will be the exact opposite of the fast paced Vegas trip and I can’t wait.
  2. Good Books: I don’t know about you, but I hardly have time to read during the fall and spring when work is super crazy. I’m looking forward to getting into these:
    • Inferno- Finally getting around to this Dan Brown book. They are making it into a movie so I want to read it before it comes out.
    • Girl of the Train- Another one I’ve been hearing good things about that will also be coming out as a movie.
    • Something science fiction =). Nick got me a couple to choose from at Christmas.
  3. Self-health: This is the best time to take care of yourself. Head to the doctor for your check-ups, book some spa treatments (or even better DYI them!), and focus on clean eating and exercise.
    • I plan on booking myself a massage and a few mani/pedis! This is something I don’t do often, but is such a nice treat especially if you are working out a lot.
    • Wear sunscreen! I put this on every morning, and I’m going to be really diligent this summer about reapplying so that I am sun safe =).
  4. House Projects: Summer is a great time to de-clutter and finally finish those house projects I’ve been talking about forever but still haven’t done.
    • Closet Clean Out! I like to do this twice a year. I know I have things to donate.
    • Art Projects- Nick and I have collected some wood pallets for some projects this summer. One of them should end up looking like this if it all goes according to plan =).


No matter what I end up doing this summer, I plan to enjoy every moment!

What are your trips, projects, or plans for the next few months? I’d love to hear about them!



2 thoughts on “Summer Time, and the Living Is Easy”

  1. Cool sounding plans : ) I don’t really have any specific summer plans but if we get hot weather again where I am I’ll definitely take advantage of it : )

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