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Bikini Series Week 4!

I’ve made the halfway point with Tone It Up Bikini Series!



What I’ve Learned:

  • I was seriously out of shape! Sure I could go out and run, but I had zero upper body strength.
  • I have more self-control than I thought! I’ve been able to kick junk food cravings for the most part and I am definitely eating clean 95% of the time.


What Has Changed:

  • I’ve lost 4 pounds, which isn’t very exciting, but that is 1 pound a week (a healthy pattern). The biggest change I have noticed is the increase in muscle I have gained! My arms are much stronger than when I started.
  • I’ve lost inches!- After remeasuring from week 1, I’ve lost 1 inch off of my waist and 1/2 inch off of my arms.


Goals for the Second Half:

  • Stick with it! I’ve allowed myself one treat meal each week, usually on Saturday, and that has kept me accountable the rest of the week.
  • Continue to meal prep. This has seriously been a lifesaver for the week. My favorite meals right now are smoothies, protein pancakes, and ready made salads.


  • Fit in more cardio. I’ve been doing a great job with my daily videos and strength training, but really lacking on my runs. Since I head to work a bit earlier now in the mornings, it’s been tough to fit in both. May have to do a few 2 a days =).

My reward at the end of the challenge is to by myself a new bikini. Hey, it is the Bikini Series after all =). What are your fitness goals for the next month?

Happy Hump Day!



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