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Bikini Challenge Week 7 & 8 Recap!

I just finished that last few days of week 8, meaning for the past eight weeks I have been working out daily, eating clean (99% of the time), and gaining a new perspective into the healthy lifestyle! I am so proud that I actually stayed with the program for the full 8 weeks!


The Tone It Up girls are going for another round of 8 weeks and I am definitely jumping on board! I just purchased more Perfect Fit protein to make sure I am ready.


Portion control, healthy meals, and eating more protein definitely kept me going!


I would make sure to get up early, get a workout in, and check in on Instagram to keep myself accountable! The protein pancakes are definitely my new favorite breakfast!


I also made sure to reward myself along the way with fun new workout gear! My most recent purchase above #byefelicia !


Fitness Improvements:

  • I’ve lost 7 pounds and gained at lot of muscle! I feel so much stronger and confident in my body.
  • I’ve lost 3 inches from my chest, 1 1/2 from my arms, and 1 1/2 from my legs. Since my arms were a major area I wanted to tone up, I was really happy with these results!

I’m so looking forward to round two!

I plan on working out daily, sticking to clean eating, and really shaping up my abs! I know they are hiding under there =). Let me know if you plan to join round 2 and we can keep each other accountable!

Happy Tuesday!





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