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Fall is for 5K’s!

fall is for 5k

When I start thinking about the cooler temps, I automatically think about getting back outside for longer runs. It’s officially race season!

As I start thinking about which 5K I want to sign up for this fall, here are a few things I use to get me race ready!

  1. RunOn! Race Calendar– This is basically a compiled master list of all races in your area coming up. You can narrow down locations, months, etc. to find the one that is perfect for you! I always look for races close to my house so that my drive to and from the race is not too bad. 
  2. Couch to 5K phone apps– I found a helpful list of the best running apps currently out there. There are quite a few that are free, so if you are just starting out running, you don’t have to commit any money to getting started! 
  3. Pinterest- Ok hear me out on this one. Whenever I am lacking on motivation to get out and run, I scan through the “heath and fitness” section and it gets me going again! Nothing like visualizing your goal!

So what did I decide on?

I am leaning towards a 5K on Sunday, November 5th. This way I know it will actually be cooler outdoors, it gives me plenty of time to get back in running shape, and it’s a nice way to celebrate the month with the best weather in Texas!

I’ve downloaded an app called “Beginner Runner-5K Trainer”. While I’m not a beginner runner, I love that the app plans out 8 weeks of runs that tell you exactly when to run and when to walk. It helps you to slowly build up endurance until you can run for 30 minutes straight. I like to start at week 3 and then work up from there since it’s still so hot out here. I’ll be replenishing with protein smoothies after my runs, like the one above!

Happy Running! (*And Happy Friday!!!)



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