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Lazy Weekend: Coffee, Walks, & Waffles!

Happy Pre-Friday friends!

This is my last slow week at work before all the students arrive. I’ve done all I can to prep: the house is clean and organized, I’ll be meal prepping this weekend, and I did some pampering with a mani-pedi. Now we wait…


I spent this past weekend doing some last minute organizing and relaxing. Coffee was a must to start out on Saturday.

Something amazing has happened in Dallas. We’ve had a rare summer “cold-front” come through! It had been consistently 100+ degrees until last weekend when temps dropped down in the 80’s. It’s been so awesome to head out for walks anytime of day again.


Saturday felt like a waffle kind of day. Not the protein kind, but the REAL kind, made with gluten-free flour, butter, and real maple syrup.


After breakfast, Nick and I met up with his parents for coffee. If you live in the Dallas area, you need to go try Cultivar Coffee. They actually share space with a butcher style sandwich shop. They are also known for drawing pretty things in your coffee. This was my mother-in-laws coffee above! Too pretty to drink.

After I was fully caffeinated, it was mani/pedi time! I think I was confused on what season I wanted it to be so I went with fall nails and summer toes =).

On Sunday, I started getting into the fall mood! With the cooler temps, I’m starting to have pumpkin fever.

Next up was a hair update! My blonde summer hair was starting to look a little brassy so it was time to dye it! Excuse the make-up free first pic. I need to start trying harder for work, hah. I think the dark brown hair goes much better with my skin tone anyway.

This “cold front” has also brought a lot of rain with it. In August, rain is not as common, so it has been nice and cozy. Some leaves are starting to fall… but I think that might be because they got all crispy from the 100 degree temps and not because they think the season has changed =).

Monday and Tuesday were all about snuggles with Peanut and getting back on the rowing machine! I forgot how much I actually like this workout. It uses every muscle!


Tuesday evening I gave Peanut a bath and cleaned the house.I switched out our bedding with a new duvet cover I got at Ikea! If your dog sleeps on your bed like mine does, it’s so helpful to have multiple covers that you can wash and switch out often instead of washing a big blanket.


And finally, I meal-prepped some protein waffles since I was still on a waffle kick! They were almost as good as the real thing!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If this is your last one before you, your kids, or your job requires you to head back to school next week, good luck and lots of Starbucks!




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