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Fall FabFitFun Box, Chili, and Blackberry Cocktails!


Happy Monday Friends!

The weather has finally provided us some fall temps here in Dallas. Mid 60’s, rainy, and perfect for enjoying my coffee and gluten free pumpkin bread this morning.


I had an incredibly busy weekend. I worked all Friday night and Saturday night (yay fall semester!), so I was super excited to take advantage of my day of freedom on Sunday. Before heading to work Saturday, I sat down with my cup of coffee and enjoyed opening my fall FabFitFun box! I had actually ended my subscription with them a while back, but when I saw some of the spoilers for this fall box, I new I had to jump back on!


I loved having a box full of goodies to get me into the fall spirit! Each FabFitFun box comes with a mini magazine that goes through each product in the box. It also lists out any special deals you can get on the brand later. Everything is also beautifully wrapped!


There is so much that I was excited about in this box! Usually some of the items you get are coupons for a company. I really don’t like that. I was happy to see that it was all actual items this time!


Two of my favorites were this blanket scarf from Mod Cloth and this super cute to-go coffee mug. I’ve wanted a blanket scarf for a while, so now I just need it to cool down a bit more so I can wear it =). Guess I shouldn’t be too picky about the weather since it’s not 90 outside!

Peanut thought this box was for him, naturally. Ever since we got him a short subscription from BarkBox, he assumes the boxes delivered are all for him. It’s kind of cute, and kind of annoying!

One of my favorite things in this box was the coloring book and pencils! I’ve wanted to get on the adult coloring book bandwagon for a while now. This one was full of fun pictures of flowers, mountains, and leaves. I am also excited to use the grip socks. I still need to try a barre class!


The beauty products were really awesome this time. My favorites were the Spongelle bath sponge with wash built into it. The lavender body oil smells so good, and the palate of nude eye colors is perfect for everyday! I have the Urban Decay one already so it’s good to have a backup.

On Sunday when I was finally free with no work, I put on one of my favorite fall movies, Practical Magic, and made a big batch of chili. I love to put zucchini and other veggies in to make it a truly complete meal.

Nick and I also had the prettiest cocktails while meal prepping! It had jack daniels, fresh strawberry lemonade (from Central Market), muddled blackberries, and a splash of lime La Croix. Definitely my new favorite drink!!

I hope you all are getting to enjoy some fall weather as well. Here’s looking forward to an easier week!



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