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Gluten Free in Denver Part 1: Pancakes, Mountains, and Burgers (all Gluten Free!)

Happy Monday!

I am feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from my trip to Denver this past weekend. We were celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday and enjoying some real fall weather!


We arrived Thursday evening and headed straight to our super cool hotel, The Crawford. The Crawford hotel is connected to Union Station, the hub for the train system. It was renovated a few years back and now has cute shops and restaurants inside.

Our hotel room was gorgeous. It was on the top floor where all the rooms have been renovated from the attic space. It had wood beams and a giant tub in the bathroom. I loved it!

Before heading up to the mountains on Friday, we stopped in at a breakfast place for some fuel! Snooze had a giant menu and a ton of gluten free options. I went with scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and a GIANT gluten free blueberry pancake. Everything was amazing and they really seemed to know what they were doing there to make my gf meal safe.

We rented a car for the day and headed west, quickly gaining elevation. We drove up Mt. Evans, eventually climbing to over 11,000 feet. The air felt crisp and clean, and there was snow on the ground!!


Yep, this is rare to find in Dallas, so I loved every minute of it.

We stopped at a picturesque lake up the mountain to take some photos. The water was so clear.


Seriously, I loved seeing the snow!

Friday evening, we were planning on attending the Great American Beer Festival, so we knew that grabbing some food first was a must. After doing some research, we decided on 5280 Burger Bar. I base a good gluten free burger place on two things:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Can I eat the fries?

This place did both! When we arrived, the manager came to talk to us at our table. He assured me that they not only had dedicated fryers so that the fries are safe, but that they take precautions when making their own gluten free flatbread for their burgers.


The fries were indeed amazing. I ended up getting the Durango. It had bacon, jalapeno cream cheese, and roasted red peppers. The burger was cooked perfectly, the cream cheese was an awesome touch, and the flatbread wasn’t half bad either!

The beer festival actually had a few gluten free beers to try. I did my best to try them all, but I’m still not a fan of the sorghum based beers. Too sweet. I tried a corn-based beer. Props for creativity, but was NOT a fan! Guess I’ll be sticking with my Jack Daniels for now =).

I have a ton more to share with other yummy places to eat gluten free in Denver. Stay tuned for part two!!

Also, is it the weekend yet?



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