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Gluten Free in Denver-Part 2: Coffee, Pumpkins, and Damn Good GF Pizza!

Finally getting around to finishing my trip to Denver recap! I got sick last week (yay cold season) and spent all of the weekend recovering. I couldn’t miss out on telling you all about the BEST gluten free pizza crust I have ever had. You heard me, the BEST ever.

Ok, starting where I left off. Saturday morning we headed down to the lobby to grab a coffee. They had the cutest coffee shop, called Pigtrain Coffee. They are all about using locally roasted coffee beans,  and their drinks have such pretty designs.


I couldn’t resist and had to try their Pumpkin Spice Latte. It had just a hint of real pumpkin flavor, which I loved. My pretty tree design sadly faded away before I got a good pic.


We sat in the lobby the station main area to sit and enjoy our coffee. I loved this Jack-O-Lantern tree!


After breakfast, we wondered around Denver for a while. Since our Friday was so jam-packed, we decided to just take it easy Saturday and see what we could find. We found a few farmer’s markets around Denver. This was one of the bigger ones that had a ton of local produce and meats.


For dinner, we ventured out of the downtown area to Hops & Pie. I ordered their gluten free pie with pepperoni and red onion. The crust was AMAZING. Seriously, it had the texture of real pizza crust. It was thicker and chewy, with a crispy edge. The husband was impressed too. I’m sad that I can’t get this crust in Texas, though looks like you might be able to buy it online here soon.

It’s currently 90 degrees outside here, so I’m happy thinking back to our Denver trip. Looking forward to some fall weather headed my way this weekend!

Hoping you all are having a great start to the week! Stay healthy!



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