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Life Changes: Struggles and Excitement

Happy Monday! It has been almost 2 months since my last post, and it feels strange! I had fallen into a pattern of blogging at least once a week, and so this small hiatus has been just one of the many changes that has occurred over the last few months. This has definitely been the… Continue reading Life Changes: Struggles and Excitement

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It’s Go Time! Fall is coming.

Do you feel that? It's the creeping of the new school year on us! As someone who works at a university, August always brings that feeling of "oh crap, I have so much left I wanted to do and 2 weeks to do it"! It's not a great one. School officially starts on August 22nd,… Continue reading It’s Go Time! Fall is coming.

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Fresh Start for Fall

Every August I get that "new school year" feeling. You know, the one were you feel like you can reinvent yourself and get a fresh start? I still get this urge every year even though I am 28. I work at a university, so I think this that helps keep this feeling alive and gives… Continue reading Fresh Start for Fall