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Spring Cleaning


Spring is definitely here.

And in Texas, it’s not staying long! With temps slowly creeping into the mid-eighties, I know I should enjoy these mild days now.


With every change of season, I try to clean up, reorganize, and plan for the months ahead. It’s great to have things to look forward to in the coming weeks, but it also helps me refocus. The arrival of spring is also the perfect time to clean out your closet, switch up your beauty routine, and change up your diet!


On Tuesday, I did a deep clean of our house. I’m a stress cleaner, so when work or life gets crazier, I just buckle down and clean up. It helps create some control. I ran to Target and bought new bath mats for our master bath. I love this cool cucumbery-blue color.


As you can tell, I’m digging this color a lot . It’s just so fresh!


With the warmer weather, I tend to pack away my morning oatmeal and trade cereal for smoothies. They are refreshing and filling after a morning run, and there is something great about knowing you have already had a serving of veggies before 9am.

I also try and streamline my beauty routine. One of my goals for 2016 was to take my makeup off every.single.night. I had a bad habit of getting too tired and just falling asleep. That’s why I love these Burt’s Bees makeup remover wipes. The scent is amazing and you don’t need to rinse after. I also start using a daily self-tanner lotion around this time. It helps everything look more toned and even. Who doesn’t want that?


With all this cleaning I’ve been doing, I’ve just switched out many of my cleaning products as well. I love the Meyer’s Clean Day products. The lavender scented one is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

I’m really into beauty and cleaning products with natural ingredients right now! I would love more suggestions from you all.

Finally, I’ve been upping my exercise game! This week so far I have successfully done two cardio sessions and one weight training session. Looking forward to continuing the trend this weekend!

Wishing you a healthy and happy weekend. Happy Friday!!


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