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Gluten Free in Breckenridge, CO

Happy Pre-Friday!

This week, I’m sharing some delicious finds in the mountains of Colorado. I currently have the windows open (in February!) and as I enjoy this 75 degree day, it made me think back to one of our trips last summer. We traveled to Breckenridge to beat the heat for a few days. Besides gorgeous views, cool evenings, and pretty hikes, I also found some hidden gluten free gems at local restaurants.


Breckenridge is a super cute mountain town with a hipster lade-back vibe. Totally my style! We were able to walk everywhere, and the river that runs through town created for such a cool atmosphere for the surrounding shops and restaurants.


Also, the water was crystal clear! It was gorgeous.


First stop was by far my favorite find on the trip, Cool River Coffee House & Cafe. They serve breakfast and lunch, and have a TON of gluten free baked goodies.

Yep… those are gluten free donut holes, and they were soooo good. Soft and fluffy, not dense. I definitely came back the day we headed down to Denver so that I could have some for the drive!

One morning we got up early to enjoy the cool temperatures and have a cup of coffee out by the river. I ordered one of their breakfast sandwiches and added avocado. Everything came piled high on their own gluten free baked bread. This is how I want to start every morning! If you are visiting Breckenridge soon, definitely add this one to your list. They also had plenty of vegan options as well.

I spent lots of time exploring the town and all of the shops. It must be such a cool experience to live here full time!

If you are looking for something fun to take home, or maybe want to shop for gifts for family members, I would suggest checking out Marigolds Farmhouse Funk & JunkThey had clothing, art, jewelry, and fun items like the birdhouse above.


Finally, you know I’m all about that pizza life. Anytime I can sample the local gluten free pizza options, I’m one happy girl. We were tired after all that fresh mountain air (and maybe some beers) and decided to take dinner to go. Pajamas and pizza are always a good idea!  Downstairs at Eric’s had some really good reviews about both gluten free safety measures, and for actually having tasty thick pizza crust. They had a full range of gluten free options on their menu, and if you do stick around at the restaurant, you also get to enjoy arcade games galore! The vibe was really fun and casual.


Looking for other options? Check out FlipSide for a tasty burger with gluten free buns and a nice drink selection, and Kenosha Steakhouse for an awesome patio with great nachos!

Hoping nice weather is headed your way for the weekend ahead!



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